Introducing COVE Plus

At COVE, we believe everyone deserves exceptional eyecare, and vision insurance should never be the reason to settle for anything less. We’re here to make it simple for you and your family to access high-quality eye care. Our mission is to ensure eyecare is both easy and affordable

What’s Included With COVE Plus?

💲 Straightforward Pricing: With COVE Plus, we’re committed to eliminating any guesswork from eyecare costs, providing you with a transparent and simple pricing structure.

🔍 A Comprehensive Eye Exam: Your vision deserves the best care. COVE Plus includes a comprehensive eye exam conducted by our experienced optometrists to assess your vision and eye health thoroughly.

📋 Refraction: Ensuring the most accurate prescription for your visual needs, our refraction service is a key part of COVE Plus.

📸 Screening Photographs: We utilize the latest technology to capture high-quality images of your eyes, aiding in early detection and monitoring of eye conditions.

Pricing Simplified:

With COVE Plus, we’re taking the guesswork out of eyecare pricing. Starting at $150, you receive all the services mentioned above, with no hidden costs or surprises. We believe in transparent pricing, and that’s exactly what COVE Plus delivers.

Additionally, for those preferring contact lenses, we offer contact lens services with a fixed pricing model. Our contact lens services are now available at a flat rate of $250, covering the fitting and prescription. The benefits included in COVE Plus extend seamlessly to contact lens services, guaranteeing a clear and comfortable vision option tailored to your lifestyle.

Added Value:

To make your experience even more rewarding, we’re offering a $50 credit toward the purchase of glasses with every COVE Plus appointment. The best part? This credit can be shared among family members. For example, if a family has three children and only one of them needs glasses, the unused $50 credit from two of the children can be applied to the purchase of glasses for the child that needs them. This ensures that your entire family can enjoy the benefits of COVE Plus.

Come See Us, You’ll See Better:

At COVE, we believe that the lack of vision insurance shouldn’t stand in the way of receiving exceptional eyecare. We’re dedicated to providing accessible and high-quality eyecare services to all, regardless of insurance coverage.

Experience the COVE Plus Difference today and enjoy clear vision, exceptional care, and fantastic savings, all in one package. Say goodbye to hidden fees and hello to transparency and value.

It’s Just That Simple

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