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Our practice was originally started 20 years ago as Sorensen and Sorensen Optometrist by Doctors Heather and Kevin Sorensen. They started the practice to serve their community with the best care possible. The Sorensens moved to Florida and transferred the practice to their associate Doctor, Matthew Karres, in 2018. While the practice continues to grow and change with the times, the standard of excellence that the practice was founded on will always remain the same.

Our mission is to give you the best care. It shows in everything that we do. From your first contact with us to your appointment and your follow-up, we aim to make your eye care experience great. This is what drives us to provide you with the best care year after year!

Dr. Karres

Dr. Karres

Dr Karres has lived and worked in and around New Albany for many years. He is a graduate of New Albany High School and even worked at the Kroger on opening day.  He attended Capital University for his undergraduate education and then entered the US Army as a combat medic.

Dr Karres is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Optometry. While in school he studied specialty contact lens designs including scleral, gas permeable, multifocal, and orthokeratology lenses. He continued to work at Ohio State after graduation as a research optometrist and has presented research at several international conferences.

“My passion is fitting contacts. Whether it’s a monthly lens for someone who’s a little nearsighted, a daily multifocal, orthokeratology lenses to help protect a kid’s eyes for their whole life, or a scleral lens to restore the vision of someone with keratoconus, contact lenses are what I love. They can be so freeing and help improve people’s lives in so many ways. I love seeing the patient who’s been told for years that there isn’t anything else that can be done and contacts aren’t an option. When they put on their new lenses and they can see better than they have in years, it’s a great moment and why I love my job.”

Dr. Kelbley

Dr. Kelbley

Dr. Kelbley is originally from New Riegel, Ohio – a small town in the northwest part of the state. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University, both for her undergraduate and optometry school education (and enjoyed all eight years of Buckeye football tickets!).

Dr. Kelbley completed her residency training in Pediatrics and Binocular Vision at the Indiana University School of Optometry, where she also participated in sports vision research. She is excited to join Central Ohio Vision & Eyecare to provide comprehensive eye care for the New Albany community!

“I love being an optometrist because I get to help patients solve vision problems that can really transform their lives. I especially enjoy working with the pediatric population, because they always bring so much joy into the exam room! I love seeing the look on a child’s face the first time they put on their new pair of glasses, or at the completion of vision therapy when they no longer struggle to read more than a paragraph at a time. It’s so rewarding to help eliminate these barriers to a child’s learning, and so fulfilling to help set them on the path for a successful future!”


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